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THE LOWRIE GANG (based on a true story)

by Andy Froemke

Logline: The incredible true story of Henry Berry Lowrie, a Native American cross between Jesse James and Robin Hood, who captures national headlines by rallying a mixed race band of outlaws to stand up to the Klan in post-Civil War North Carolina after they gun down his father.

"This script is exciting, engaging, and stylishly written.... this is great script for a director... the subject matter could attract top talent... It has blockbuster potential." 

The Lowrie Gang has won the following awards: 

     2016 Screenwriting Residency Winner (IFP MN/Knight Foundation) 

     Top Screenplay - Talentville.com 

The Lowrie Gang Rip Reel  



STEAL AWAY (based on Captain of the Planter: The Story of Robert Smalls)

by Andy Froemke


Logline:  A young slave masterminds stealing a Confederate warship from heavily fortified Charleston Harbor and sails his family to freedom when he delivers "The Planter" to the Union.


Steal Away Rip Reel   




THE YEAR THE WOLVES CAME (Inspired by true events)

by Andy Froemke


Logline:  A female biologist encounters a hostile homecoming when she attempts to reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone Park, while at the same time, reintroducing her ten year old daughter to her ex-husband (a wildlife photographer).




by Andy Froemke & Thomas Lemmer


Logline:  When a female detective on the trail of a serial killer ID's one of the adult victims with an eight year old girl who's still alive, she theorizes the killer might be from the future and dumping victims in the present.



HOLLYWOODLAND (TV Pilot - Inspired by true events)

by Andy Froemke


Logline:  A Mini-series event on the murder of silent film director William Desmond Taylor and the glamorous cast of suspects headlining the case in the Roaring Twenties. Detective Ed King, the Sherlock Holmes of the LAPD, sets out to piece together the truth amid sex scandals, blackmail schemes, police corruption, a family cover-up, and a deadly drug ring. 




by Andy Froemke


Logline:  Betrayed by his brother during a drug heist south of the border, an ex-con joins forces with a Mexican spitfire to seek revenge and settle an old family score. "Who said easy money was easy."


 Blood Money Rip Reel  




by Andy Froemke


Logline:  An eccentric software genius develops a program to digitally transform himself to the perfect man, only to discover the darker side of his nature is corrupting the file. 


 The Proteus Effect Rip Reel  





by Andy Froemke


Logline:  When a small town police detective mourning the death of his wife fishes a woman with amnesia out of Lake Superior, he discovers she's linked to a tragic turn-of-the-century romance replaying itself in the present day.


Split Rock Light Rip Reel  




by Andy Froemke & David Froemke

Logline:    An inept novelist hires an assassin to put him out of his misery, only to have a change of heart when he falls for a fortune teller who assures him fame is dead ahead. 





by Andy Froemke 


Logline: A reporter reeling from the death of his daughter investigates a mysterious child abduction on an Indian Reservation and uncovers a rogue black ops program conducting human testing of a lethal infrasonic weapon you can't see or hear coming.  


The Whistleblower Rip Reel 




by Andy Froemke

Logline: In 1870, four brothers kill a couple to possess their baby and attempt to raise the child as their own, only to discover they can't keep her mysterious and violent origin from her.



THE RED DEMON (based on a true story)

by Andy Froemke


Logline:  The incredible true story of a small Minnesota town’s heroic battle against one of the deadliest firestorms in United States history and the lives it changed forever.


The Red Demon Rip Reel